thai herbal compressThe herbal compress has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand as a remedy for sore aching muscles, stress relief, exhaustion and other ailments. This is truly a wonderful treatment that is still little known in the United States. Herbs are wrapped in balls of cotton muslin, steamed to release essential oils and aromas, and then applied along the sen sip or energy lines of the body. The herbal compress has many benefits. The application of pressure with moist heat along energy lines and at acupressure points is very therapeutic for the client. The herbs themselves have many medicinal properties – anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-bacterial and other effects are present in many of the herbs. In addition, the compress releases a wonderful aroma from such aromatic herbs as Camphor, Lemongrass, and Patchouli, which relieves stress, clears congestion and invigorates.

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