I’ve gotten a massage for several years now but never had a Thai massage until recently.  It was by sheer luck that I even visited Thai Blossom.  I couldn’t find a massage appointment anywhere at the last minute but they were able to get me an appointment the day of.
I came to Thai Blossom as I was suffering from lower back and hip pains.  The therapist worked on me for an hour, stepping on the back of my calves and thighs. She even stepped on my inner thighs which is a bit painful but nonetheless, I felt a lot of tension release just from that move alone.  Already, I’ve visited 3 times and this last time, I felt that my calves have really loosened from my initial appointment.  She mentioned my back is really messed up so it’s going to take several more sessions to correct that but every time I visit, I can feel the improvements on my body.
The ambiance is a bit weird since it’s located in the basement.  But the actual room itself is very cozy and who cares where you’re at as long as it’s clean and you’re releasing all the tension created by aches and pains.  Plan on going as much as I can.

– Dorim, May 21, 2016


My boyfriend and I went for a couples massage to celebrate the year-end and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We were impressed by Jen and Quentin who were both very attentive to our bodies and our needs. This is definitely different than your traditional spa massage but we both walked away feeling refreshed and like many of our pain points had been worked out.

– Jessica, December 31, 2017


I’m almost scared to write this because I don’t want them to be busy next time I come into town but I’m going to do it:  First of all, if you have never had a Thai massage, try one.  Think of a great deep tissue massage combined with stretching but you just lay there and they stretch you.  There is nothing I do that when I am done I feel that my body is in better shape.  Secondly, I was in Chicago on business and my back was killing me so I just took a chance and found Thai Blossom through Yelp and called them up and went to the studio.  I have had Thai massages all over the world and they are just as good if not better than the best practitioners I have had work on me.  It was a great surprise to have found Thai Blossom.  The studio is a wonderful atmosphere to get treatment.

I plan to make an appointment every time I am in the city from now on.

– Charlie, May 20, 2015


I am very hesitant writing this review as the selfish part of me is concerned they’re gonna get too popular and I will never be able to get an appointment from them anymore but I know sharing the goodness is the right thing to do. So here it is —
I have been coming to Thai Blossom for about 2 years now. I have a very high standard for Thai massage as I’ve been getting traditional Thai massage for over 10 years all over different countries.
At Thai Blossom they approach bodies in a yoga style – after one massage it felt like doing a yoga session without actually sweating. You’ll feel the soreness the next day (if you don’t work out or get a massage often), but after that, you will feel like a million bucks! My therapist is a very caring and considerate person, always bringing positive energy even giving massages. The oils she uses are all natural as I have very sensitive skin and am usually allergic to non-natural products.
The room is not like a commercial space but warm and cozy. They use this jade heating bed that relax and warm up the body and it feels great.
Come to Thai Blossom because it’s the best Thai massage in Chicago.

– Irene, January 7, 2016


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